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Re: problems with "" tests in ""

Steve Murry <stmurr at unx dot sas dot com> writes:

> (I'm reposting my earlier email due to format problems. Sorry 'bout that) 
> Can someone check the 'negative' testcases within
> to see if these are valid tests or not?
> Specifically, I'm referring to the 9 testcases with data values that
> are declared 'test5_bytes' through 'test13_bytes'.  The testcases
> expect a CharEncodingException when decoding illegal UTF-8 byte
> strings.  In some cases the UTF-8 data is incorrect and in others it
> represents codepoints that have not yet been assigned (at least for
> Unicode 3.2).  As I read the Sun API description for
>, I would expect either
> MalformedInputException or UTFDataFormatException to be thrown
> instead (the API description doesn't seem very precise in this
> area).  In fact, most of the platforms that we have run these
> testcases against do not throw any type of exception at all!  Only
> the IBM JREs throw the expected CharConversionException.  We also
> found the following paragraph in one of the Sun bug descriptions:
> >This is a bug in the tests. The specification of
> > does not require that an implementation
> >throw IOExceptions on malformed input when decoding bytes in the
> >UTF-8 charset. That our implementation has done this historically
> >is a bug that was fixed as part of 4503732.
> I'm not sure I agree with this statement myself (BTW - I believe
> they are referring to one of their own internal tests, not Mauve),
> but I'm just trying to get Mauve's take on all of this.  I would
> appreciate anyone's thoughts.

I'm not a Character/UTF-8/Unicode expert so I don't think I can answer
your question.

Brian Jones <cbj at gnu dot org>

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