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Re: classpath ./ChangeLog ./THANKYOU ./

> Stephen Crawley <crawley at dstc dot edu dot au> writes:
> > I can confirm that there really is a problem running some of the Mauve
> > security testlets under the latest Kissme, Classpath and Mauve.  It appears 
> > to be a Kissme class loading problem, rather than the fault of the Classpath 
> > security implementation.  I'm trying to get to the bottom of it ...

The "bottom of it" is that the problem was not in Kissme or Classpath
at all!

The problem was that the failing test cases' constructors were not
declared public.  On Kissme, this (correctly IMO) caused the call to
'Class.newInstance' to throw an InstantiationException.  I have fixed
the Mauve testcases, and add a 'hint' to SimpleTestHarness to point
people in the right direction in future.

Three issues remain:

  *  There is a bug in the implementation of Class.getConstructor in
     the Jikes RVM.  It should not return a constructor unless it is
     declared as 'public'.

  *  We need more comprehensive Mauve testcases for the the Java 
     APIs for reflective programming,

  *  There is a problem with Kissme's implementation of stack traces
     when an exception is thrown in a native method.  It is getting
     the source line number wildly wrong.

-- Steve

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