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Re: Non-gcc releases

On Mar 25, 2004, at 11:37, Tom Tromey wrote:
Etienne and I also discussed moving libffi out of the gcc tree and
into its own repository somewhere.  I'd prefer not to do this.  My
impression was that Etienne could find someone to do releases and that
sort of thing, but that doing actual libffi maintenance was too much
work.  One nice advantage of keeping the code in the gcc tree is that
there are many platform and ABI experts around, so we can run the
various bits of assembly code past them for approval.  I think getting
this sort of review out-of-tree would be much more difficult.

Anything else?

Another major advantage of keeping the libffi in GCC's sources is that
people who are trying to compile GCJ do not need another library to
compile and can get the latest version with gcj. Another major advantage
is that I can move libobjc over to be using libffi without another library
for users to install.

Also I want to start using libffi for the connection between gcj and libobjc.

Andrew Pinski

PS. The libobjc here that I am talking about is the GNU runtime library for
Objective-C. It is maintained as part of GCC just like libgcj but it can
be compiled separately from GCC just like libffi.

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