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[PATCH] fix build problem in powerpc soft-fp

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 01, 2007 at 05:40:48PM -0500, Steven Munroe wrote:
>> This patch fixes a build problem associated with a missing target caused
>> by the resent feholdexcpt() fixes.
> What are these needed for?  fe_mask is added to libm-support by
> sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/Makefile and a nofpu build shouldn't ever see
> that.

Ok, fe_nomask is not needed at all for soft-fp, so this patch removes
fe_nomask from the ./nofpu/Makefile.

2007-06-07  Steven Munroe  <>

	* sysdeps/powerpc/nofpu/Makefile: Remove fe_nomask from libm-support.

diff -urN dummy-libc/ports-cvstip-20070606/sysdeps/powerpc/nofpu/Makefile libc25/ports/sysdeps/powerpc/nofpu/Makefile
--- dummy-libc/ports-cvstip-20070606/sysdeps/powerpc/nofpu/Makefile	2006-11-22 09:13:11.000000000 -0600
+++ libc25/ports/sysdeps/powerpc/nofpu/Makefile	2007-06-07 09:53:05.708240976 -0500
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 ifeq ($(subdir),math)
-libm-support += fenv_const fe_nomask
+libm-support += fenv_const
 CPPFLAGS += -I../soft-fp/
 # The follow CFLAGS are a work around for GCC Bugzilla Bug 29253
 # "expand_abs wrong default code for floating point"

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