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Re: VDSO support for ARM in glibc version 2.15

On Thursday 30 May 2013 02:56:22 Ganesh Kumar wrote:
> I'm trying to understand the vDSO concept in linux kernel.

you might want to look at the linux-man mailing list as a vdso(7) page has 
been posted there and there's been background discussion on the implementation 

> once the support for the vDSO is added to a platform say X86,
> what is the dependency of libc in order to get the vDSO up and running
> from user space.
> should there be a corresponding support be implemented in libc also?

the kernel takes care of mapping it into the address space (you don't get a 
choice).  it is up to the C library to then leverage it as it sees fit.
> I'm asking this question because, I see support for x86 vDSO in kernel
> 3.9.4 and correspondingly there are files in glibc2.15 for the x86 vDSO
> But at the same time for arm64 vDSO support is there in kernel 3.9.4
> but I unable
> to find corresponding vDSO files in glibc  2.15

aarch64 support isn't in glibc 2.15.  update to the latest release.

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