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problem in glibc backtrace done inside nptl library

     I am working on adding some code to the nptl library,
the code is in C++ and I have added the code to the nptl library,
changed the makefiles to compile it with nptl.

I have instrumented pthread_mutex_lock , which calls a function from my
code and inside I do a backtrace, but in the backtrace I dont get all
the function names.

I want to know if the problem is because of the -rdynamic flag,
because I am using it
in both the build phase and compiling the binary and also I did the
ldd to confirm its using
the new libraries, compiled with my sources.

Heres the backtrace I get after using backtrace_symbols

/ [0xb7f11820]
/home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7f05e0e]
/home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7f05ff7]
/home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7eef600]
./a.out(thr_fn0+0x12) [0x80487a6]
/home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7eed347]
/home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7e749ae]

I want to get the function names of the other functions. The funny thing is
gdb is able to do it, then why not glibc backtrace ?

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