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Re: Need Help building glibc with NPTL support for ARM Linux 2.4.20


Are you sure NPTL requires linux-2.6? I've seem numerous reference on the net to NPTL under linux 2.4. My understanding is that 2.4.18 or 2.4.20 onwards includes the necessary features to support NPTL. But I cannot find any confirmation of this anywhere.
I gather Daniel Jacobowitz did most of the ARM NTPL support for GCC and GLIBC but I cannot find any specifics about patched or stable release versions.

Will I have any more luck building the tool chain with 2.6 headers anyway? Which versions should I use?

I've seen it written that you can build glibc against a newer version of the kernel headers than the target kernel. Would that work if you build against 2.6 headers and run 2.4.20 on the target? (My gut feel is that something is bound to break.)

Is there a NPTL support page that works? The link form the various copies of the original NPTL announcement on the net, all give me a unresponsive Redhat page.



Mike Frysinger wrote:
On Tuesday 03 June 2008, Andrew Chalmers wrote:
I'm looking for some help getting NPTL working for an ARM linux target. The
target kernel is a 2.4.20

it isnt going to happen. NPTL requires linux-2.6. time to upgrade your system.

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