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Re: pthread_cond_* does not compile on i386

Carlos O'Donell wrote:
On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 7:48 AM, Gilles Carry <> wrote:

After having removed the corresponding asm files, pthread_cond_signal.c
fails compiling.

Why would you remove the asm files that implement the required behaviour?

Just because I wanted to add new features into condvars.

Actually, pthread_cond_signal.c uses the macro lll_futex_wake_unlock
which is not defined for i386.
At least I cannot find it by grepping through the source tree.
To have it compiling, I had to rework the syscall macros.

Though I can build the rest of glibc without error, I wonder if the C code
and asm-i386 are in sync for pthread_cond_* files.

They don't need to be kept "in sync", the i386 port probably doesn't
rely on the C code variants of these functions.

I thought asm files were supposed to be only optimizations of existing C code.
It makes sense to me to modify generic c code first and optimize afterward.
ie. pthread_cond_wait.c is not trivial enough to skip the generic C-coding phase and go directly to asm code.

May be I'm missing something.


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