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Re: Tests

On Saturday 03 May 2008, Reuben Thomas wrote:
> On Sat, 3 May 2008, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > On Saturday 03 May 2008, Reuben Thomas wrote:
> >> tst-cleanup0.expect >&
> >> /home/rrt/download/libc-build/nptl/tst-cleanup0.out must
> >> be installed for pthread_cancel to work
> >>
> >> But is indeed installed, in /lib!
> >
> > this should probably be in the FAQ or something.  you will need to copy
> > to a local path which the local ldso searches when running
> > ...
> Which path would work? (I'm not clear on which ldso we're talking about
> here; is one built as part of glibc?)

think about it logically.  who else is going to provide the ldso than the C 
library ?  if the host glibc provides an ldso, then it logically follows that 
the one you just build locally must also provide an ldso.

as for which path, just look at the execution line.  it explicitly shows the 
paths that the local ldso is allowed to search.

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