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Re: new syscall stub support for ia64 libc

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David Mosberger wrote:

> I tracked this down now and unfortunately it's a fundamental
> limitation of the the GCC ia64 unwinder:

Well, I have to trust you on this.  No time to dive into all these details.

> For NPTL, I suppose that would
> mean to check whether the available unwinder can properly unwind
> across signal-handlers and, if so, enable the new syscall stubs.

It's also a runtime issue.  We can certainly require a fixed libgcc_s
with support for the external libunwind at compile time.  But it'll be a
while until things are fixed correctly everywhere.

Jakub will know better how to handle the gcc side.  I'll defer to him
providing such a gcc.  If it works and is acceptable, we can look at
transitioning over to it.

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