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Re: new syscall stub support for ia64 libc

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David Mosberger wrote:

> I hacked a 2.6 kernel to not pass the sysinfo aux vector entries.  The
> build worked fine for me.  There is nothing unusual on your end, I
> assume?

The kernel work fine with NPTL and the current libc before the patch.
That should qualify as nothing unusual.  There certainly is not code
which sets AT_SYSINFO etc.

What I found so far is that it i fails inside libc, not  I.e.,
the startup already left when it bombs.  In which, the test
program I have (io/pwd, one of the simplest programs there is) fails in
the printf code.  The fstat(1,...) is executed, then it fails.  In a
correct program the next step would be an mmap() syscall.  mmap itself
isn't broken since already performed a ton of those calls (though
not exactly the same code, it uses the copy in itself).

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