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Re: new syscall stub support for ia64 libc

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David Mosberger wrote:

> OK.  Which compiler?  I'm using gcc-3.3.2 (provided by Debian).

What do you guess?  Of course one of our compilers.  The latest official
ia64 compiler is the one from RHEL3.  I'm sure I've also tested at some
point the compiler which went finally into FC1.

>  Would it perhaps be possible for glibc to
> provide a non-cancellable version of fprintf?

Definitely not.  How can you expect fprintf to work for low-level
debugging like that of cancellation handling?

There is one way, but it's not official and might just change underneath
you.  You can add 'c' to the mode string of fopen() to request no
cancellation.  But this requires opening a new stream.

> Where can I find the definitely list of cancellable routines?

POSIX standard.

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