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Re: more cancellation work

>>>>> On Tue, 15 Jul 2003 00:22:01 -0700, Ulrich Drepper <> said:

  Uli> rth said he doesn't want to split the file to avoid exposing
  Uli> more interfaces.  This means we have to pull in all of the
  Uli> unwinder code which might mean we get maintainance problems in
  Uli> future where old glibcs cannot be compiled with new gccs.  I
  Uli> see no other solution for this.

  Uli> Another problem is ia64.  The unwinder code for ia64 is
  Uli> different from the rest.  We probably need to pull in that code
  Uli> from gcc as well.  I haven't done it yet which means ia64 might
  Uli> not link/run correctly.

Have you considered using libunwind?  The API is portable, full
implementation exists for ia64, and a partial one for x86.  See:

for some more info.  I'm not sure exactly what functionality you need,
but if something is missing, let me know.


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