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reference counting

You might have seen that the ELF test I checked in earlier today
failed.  There was another bug.  I've spend the rest of the day to fix
this and it was necessary to revamp the whole reference counter
handling.  All is now done at the highest level (dl-open and dl-close)
with the exception of dl-look which adds additional references.

This new implementation passes all the tests I have in the moment.  I
know of only one pathological case which will fail.  I'll handle this
tomorrow after I came up with an appropriate test case.

If you can, please think hard about cases where you'd expect problems
and make a test case we can include.  US$5 if you write a test case
for the problem I have in mind (it's a *really* complicated case :-).

Also, give the new code a try outside glibc.  I haven't tried it so

Since most of the changes done since the introduction of the breakage
Jack Howarth found had to do with reference handling there is a chance
that this is fixed now as well.

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