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Re: First patches for AMD x86-64

May I suggest using lib directories /lib64 and /usr/lib64 (like sparc64 uses
and mips64 is going to use as well AFAIK)?
That will make it far easier for people to have 64bit and 32bit programs
coexisting on the same box and allow building 32bit and 64bit packages on
the same box without using any cross-compilers and stuff like that.
And what I understood x86_64's important feature is that it will run ia32
programs natively and they perhaps should not be handled as second class
citizens on the machines.

> Index: shlib-versions
> --- shlib-versions	2000/06/29 20:58:06	1.50
> +++ shlib-versions	2000/08/15 15:10:49
> @@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
>  arm.*-.*-.*		libm=6
>  ia64-.*-.*		libm=6.1		GLIBC_2.2
>  sh.*-.*-.*		libm=6			GLIBC_2.2
> +x64_64-.*-.*		libm=6.1		GLIBC_2.2

Any reason why not libm=6 here? alpha and ia64 use 6.1 because they used 6
previously for something incompatible.

>  # We provide for Linux kernel versions 2.0 and later.
>  alpha.*-.*-linux.*	libc=6.1
> @@ -37,6 +38,7 @@
>  ia64-.*-.*		libc=6.1		GLIBC_2.2
>  sh.*-.*-.*              libc=6                  GLIBC_2.2
>  sparc64-.*-linux.*	libc=6			GLIBC_2.2
> +x64_64-.*-.*		libc=6			GLIBC_2.2
>  .*-.*-linux.*		libc=6
>  # corresponds to mach/*.defs as of Utah's UK22 release.
> @@ -60,6 +62,7 @@
>  arm.*-.*-linux.*
>  sh.*-.*-linux.*	GLIBC_2.2
>  ia64-.*-linux.*	GLIBC_2.2
> +x64_64-.*-linux.*		GLIBC_2.2

If you go /lib64 way, this could as well be
rpm should handle /lib64 and dpkg might need to implement that support
because of sparc64 and mips64 as well.


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