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Re: running glibc testsuite against installed glibc libraries

On 10/26/07, <> wrote:
> After trying it manually and doing some searches, I finally end here. Hope it's not too off-topic. My question: is there (at least a little easy) way how to run glibc testsuite against installed glibc libraries, not the just compiled ones? I have tried to make this run, but wasn't succesfull. Is anywhere some doc about how the testsuite is organized, built & driven? Can you ask you for help or some hint how to do this?

I don't know of an easy way to run the testsuite against the installed
libraries. An individual test can easily be run against the installed
glibc libraries, just run the test "./test." The tests are not
compiled with -rpath or --dynamic-linker, instead they are run via the
newly built dynamic loader using --library-path and environment

If I had to hack something together it would look like this:
1. Write a script to parse the `make -k check' output of glibc.
2. Use the output of 1 to rerun the tests directly, making use of the
locally installed libraries.

The alternative is to learn about the glibc Makefiles, which isn't a
bad project either.


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