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Re: HowTo deal with linuxthread libraries


> > After Gentoo updated to glibc-2.6.1 I recognozied, that linuxthreads
> > are no longer supported. Unfortunately one of the main targets of my
> > gentoo based distri (gen2vdr) is using an old library which is using
> > linuxthreads and is only available as binary (damned closed source).
> > There are 2 applications using this beast: vdr and mplayer.
> > What do I have to do to keep my system up to date ( using glibc >= 2.6 ),
> > but build these applications with glibc 2.5 ?
> See  for one method that allows
> co-existence of multiple runtime versions of glibc.
Thanks for the link !

> As for compiling and linking, the safest approach is: don't.  Instead,
> create an archive of the applications after building under glibc-2.5,
> then extract from that archive as necessary.
Yes thats a way to go - unfortunately vdr is an application with lots of plugins which needs to be updated from time to time, so I need a second machine with 2.5.4 for compiling those.

Is there any way to turn that binary .so library into a static one with all its needed functions from glibc included ? 

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