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Re: [Freedce-devel] pthread_clear_exit_np()

christoph, christoph, why are you trying to insult someone who is
looking to further the long-term aims and goals of free software,
by putting people in touch on perceived unrelated projects and
explaining to them the relevance?

you have a specific area of expertise (according to your 2005
ukuug bio) - kernel development.

i would welcome an opportunity for you to explain why my life,
which happens to be quite poignantly sad and unfulfilling in
many ways, has any relevance to the discussion at hand - and,
also, if you could possibly elaborate on why i am "beeeing an asshole"
likewise has any relevance.

also: i would strongly advise you to consider objectively what
i am trying to do - and forget what you do not know about me
[you know nothing about me].

forget that i am involved in this discussion, because it is
clearly affecting your (and evidently other people's) objective

freedce is an important and under-recognised project that can
save literally man-decades of development time currently
being wasted by key free software projects, and lack of recognition
for it is also stopping several interoperability projects from even

you want to know how many incompatible free software
implementations there are of MSRPC around?  i count FOUR,
all written in c.

EACH of those projects has had at least two full-time members working on
them for AT LEAST three years, and each of those projects will require
those full-time members to continue working on those incompatible and
fundamentally non-interoperable development environments for another
three to five years, to make them useful - as development environments,
rather than to "fill one project's needs".

[whereas, if one of the fat cat free software "supporting"
 companies would actually get off their backsides and fund
 freedce, it would save everybody several decades worth of money]

you see - until such time as those non-interoperable MSRPC
projects are completed, microsoft still dominates the market.

MSRPC is the key infrastructure which binds everything together in the
microsoft world: it's what the European Union is trying to get out of
microsoft in the anti-trust case: information on how they use MSRPC;
how they do their authentication; the IDL files; specifications on the
nt domain services; etc. etc.

you indicated in an earlier email that (please correct me if my
impressions are wrong) that freedce is archaic and therefore irrelevant.

nothing could be further from the truth, and your distaste
for freedce is very short-sighted.

mark, from ibm: you should be advocating to ibm's free software
departments to back freedce and to KEEP the employees who worked
on DCE 3.0 and move them to freedce and MSRPC interoperability.

get some of that multi-hundred-million-dollar free software
advertising budget and put a fractional percentage of it
behind freedce.

you don't have to _like_ freedce.

you don't have to like its history.

you don't have to like that it is me that is advocating its use.

but don't you _dare_ insult me and think it doesn't have any effect.

so.  i look forward to receiving an apology from you - not
for my benefit, but because it will mean that you are willing to
demonstrate to the hundreds of people to whom your message has been
distributed, and to the thousands of people who will encounter it
in the future, that you can be trusted to make objective and
important decisions.

and that you don't deliberately go out of your way to
belittle and bully other people.

if you are unable to apologise, then you demonstrate, to me and
to others, that you do not deserve any position of responsibility.

am i making myself clear?


On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 07:22:16PM +0200, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> luke, please get a life and stop beeing an asshole, thanks.

-- - mad free software computer person, visionary and poet.

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