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Re: Speeding up the dynamic linker with 100s of DSOs?

On 1/4/06, Andrew Chatham <> wrote:
> Hi,
> We have some binaries that get linked with an absurd number of dynamic
> shared objects (up to 700 or so), and it can take a very long time for
> these programs to execute. It can take 30 seconds just to get into
> main(), because it takes so long to resolve the global constructors.
> Each symbol resolution goes through the list of DSOs, testing each
> hash table, until it resolves the symbol.
> We could improve this in our code by making more symbols static or by
> collapsing the DSOs, but those are difficult to push through, so we've
> been looking at the dynamic linker. It sounds like other people have
> had similar problems, too.
> One of my colleagues, Michael Chastain, tried increasing the number of
> buckets in the ELF hash table in the DSOs, and that improved things
> somewhat. Then I tried computing bloom filters for the DSOs as they
> were loaded by the dynamic linker, which seemed to be speed things up
> a bit more.
> At this point, it takes 7 seconds to reach main() instead of 30, which
> still isn't so great, but it's a start. At this point, my patch is
> messy and leaks memory and may not work with dlopen, and we haven't
> gotten our copyright agreement sorted out yet, so I can't share the
> code right now. But I wanted to vet some ideas before continuing with
> it.
> Even with the bloom filters, resolving a symbol is still O(n) in the
> number of DSOs; I just improved the constant factor. I had some ideas
> for speeding up resolution against linked-in libraries (we'd just
> handle dlopened DSOs the slow way), but I didn't figure out when the
> dynamic linker is done loading those. If I had that, I could either
> build some larger filters to allow for a binary search or just build
> one big hash table over all linked-in DSOs and search against that.
> Do any of these approaches sound reasonable? Separate bloom filters
> per DSO (safe, almost done)? Hierarchical filters to allow binary
> search? One big hash table?
> Andrew

And here's a shell script that demonstrates the problem. It compiles
700 DSOs with some global objects and then links them together. Takes
10 seconds user time with the stock 2.3.5 dynamic linker, 5 seconds
with my modified 2.3.6 dynamic linker.


Description: Bourne shell script

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