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Re: Locale Bug? - was Re: VERY Strange interaction between strcoll, Qt, and locale

[Albert Astals Cid]
> I think this is a bug because it is not possible that unit.cpp is lower than 
> unitdescriptor.cpp and unit.h bigger than unitdescriptor.cpp. Both unit.cpp 
> and unit.h should be either bigger or lower than unitdescriptor.cpp 
> (depending on dot value in respect with the letters).

Sound to me like you are being confused by multi-level sorting where
the '.' is ignored on the first level.  If the dot is ignored on the
first level, the 'c' and 'h' are used instead when comparing against
the 'd', and this will give you the described behaviour.  Most
languages sort with multiple levels like this.  For example norwegian
(nb_NO / no_NO / nn_NO) would sort like this:


This is because upper/lower case and punctuation is ignored on the
first level of sorting and double 'a is the same as 'å'.  I would not
be surprised if Spanish have similar features in its sorting rules.

> Is this a bug that this mailing list can try to verify/fix? If not
> who/where should i report?

This is the correct mailing list, but I am not convinced that it is a

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