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PR libc/5023: New locales for li_NL, nds_NL and nds_DE


I noticed your requrest for new locales in glibc, problem report
libc/5023.  I tried to ask you the following question using gnats, but
suspect that you were unable to get your answer included into gnats.

Did you get the following:

  I notice that the languages are listed in
  <URL:>.  That is
  good, as it is a prerequest for getting the locale included in

  To get the new locales included, it is best if you supply complete
  and working locales for the three languages.  It is also important
  to supply references standards or other (semi)official documents
  verifying that the submitted locale is correct.

You suggest copying the nl_NL and de_DE locales, and edit the month
and day names.  It is probably better to use the 'copy' feature of
locale files, to avoid duplicate information.  It is probably best if
you do this, and send us three locale files.  Do you need help with

I copy this to the glibc developers, to let them know about the status
of this problem.

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