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FreeBSD port (1)


This is the start of a patch series for FreeBSD support. The current status
is that glibc
  1. compiles fine on i386 and alpha,
  2. passes "make check" and creates working executables on i386.

The last in the series will be the sysdeps/unix/bsd/bsd4.4/freebsd directory.

The canonical name of the system configuration (already supported by the
official config.guess) is i486-[pc|unknown]-freebsd[4.X]-gnu.

Here is a patch to define the ELF ABI note format. Neither the FreeBSD
kernel nor binutils have particular support for this ELF section, therefore
I'm free to choose any ABI note contents.

2002-07-06  Bruno Haible  <>

	* abi-tags: Add support for FreeBSD.

diff -r -c3 glibc-20020627.bak/abi-tags glibc-20020627/abi-tags
--- glibc-20020627.bak/abi-tags	Tue Sep  7 16:45:28 1999
+++ glibc-20020627/abi-tags	Fri Jul  5 01:16:53 2002
@@ -22,5 +22,7 @@
 .*-sun-solaris2.*	2	2.0.0	# just an arbitrary value
+.*-.*-freebsd.*-gnu.*	3	4.0.0	# earliest compatible kernel version
 # There is no catch-all default here because every supported OS that uses
 # ELF must have its own unique ABI tag.

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