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Re: PATCH: aio_error() POSIX compliance

On Thu, 2002-06-13 at 15:52, Amos Waterland wrote:

>      int aio_error(const struct aiocb *aiocbp);
>      The aio_error() function may fail if:
>      [EINVAL] The aiocbp argument does not refer to an asynchronous
>      operation whose return status has not yet been retrieved.
> 1. Right now, glibc does not do any error checking for whether the aiocbp is
> invalid.  For example, if aio_error() is passed a null pointer, it
> segfaults (see below for code listing for test0020.c):
>     % ./test0020
>     Segmentation fault

That's bogus.  NULL is no reference to an aiocb structure.  These kind
of tests are never necessary and are nowhere to be found in glibc.  Fix
your "test suite".

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