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Handle for glibc (Re: Definitions of INSTALL)

On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 01:08:06AM +0100, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> The toplevel hardcodes INSTALL to be the install-sh shell
> script, whereas gcc/ uses @INSTALL@ detected by configure.  
> Why the difference?
> Most of the time, gcc/'s INSTALL then gets overridden by that
> passed down from the toplevel Makefile - except when used from within the
> stage submakes, to which INSTALL isn't passed.  These stage submakes build
>, and hardcode the value of SHLIB_INSTALL in it.  This means that
> SHLIB_INSTALL - used to install the shared libgcc - uses the system
> install binary.  Whereas the shell script isn't safe for installing
> (since it removes the target, then tries to use an mv binary
> that might be dynamically linked, possibly against libgcc), the install
> binary is more likely to be safe.

How do you know? /usr/bin/install on Linux MAY be linked against

> Is this a deliberate clever design for arranging for the shared libgcc to
> be installed safely, or an accidental and fragile side effect of
> implementation that should be replaced by a safer mechanism for installing
> the shared libgcc while keeping its soname pointing to a valid library at
> all times?

Yes, we do that all the time with glibc. I have something to do it
right for glibc. Check out

It is a glibc addon of libgcc with patches for glibc and gcc.


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