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Re: Try to solve shared libgcc and glibc

"H . J . Lu" <> writes:

> I am trying to address an issue with shared libgcc and glibc. I can
> understand the need for shared libgcc from gcc. But I don't think
> the current scheme will work for glibc. I propose the system based
> on glibc also provides the shared libgcc as a system library. It is
> trivial to build our own during the glibc build. We
> provide as
> # cat << EOF > /usr/lib/
> /lib/
> -lgcc
> )


1. This doesn't address the problem with shared libraries re-exporting
   symbols from libgcc.a.

2. This means that one has to rebuild glibc whenever stuff is added to

> We then make an auxiliary filter for I enclosed
> a demo here:

Richard Henderson anticipated just the opposite: Make an
auxiliary filter for, such that the libgcc functionality
that's currently included in becomes a "servicable component".

It really is a shame that Ulrich keeps ignoring the problem.  Your
rants and patches really don't help if you don't explain *why* they're
necessary and *how* they work.


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