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Re: PATCH: safe string copy and concetation

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For a newly written programs going through debugging,
I think Ultrich Drepper's argument makes sense.

However, on a running server, you may find, to our horror and
surprise, that a necessary daemon or production programs have
a str* related overflow. Ugh.

In such a case, strlcpy and friends can be a valuable tool
We can BUY TIME TO FIX THE PROBLEMS at the root cause while
at least the program in question is limping along (not crashing, nor
being abused.).

Real world problems of B-news came to my mind when I looked the exchanges on 
this topic.
(Once the Internet becme very large in a short time, Bnews experienced
internal buffer overflows because the size of buffers allocated for
news propagation paths was not long enough, etc..
I wish I had strlcpy and friends back when this happend.
I tried kludges for about 3 months each time a new problem surfaced
but gave up and switched to INN.)

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