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Re: Kawa and Java Web Start

Per Bothner wrote:

Rafael Jesus Alcantara Perez wrote:

using Java Web Start, it fails in kawa.standard.Scheme#eval (String), throwing the next exception (it seems to me, that only happens with big Scheme strings): access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission createClassLoader)
We may need to extends the interpreter to handle Scheme code that
defines lexical scopes, in which case eval would not need to generate
bytecode and use a ClassLoader.

But in general Kawa needs to create a ClassLoader in order to compile code correct? So the problem lies with how to work with JWS's security policy jazz. Using a special main to be compatible with JWS certainly seems reasonable (since the application implementor should specify the policy).

Since the security exception is occurring and the Kawa code is signed and has all permissions, a question is whether the call that is causing the exception is in the Kawa code. It most likely is (and the exception is occurring because the the manager sees code which does not have permission interspersed in the call stack), but if it is not and Kawa is actually generating code that creates the ClassLoader, a possible workaround would be to call back to Kawa's code for that (although I don't expect that to work for the reason just noted).

A general solution would probably entail using the SecureClassLoader stuff.


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