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Re: AW: insight-5.3

On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 00:54, Dorwig, Martin wrote:
> Another thing is, i would like to adapt the targetselection dialogbox to
> display a portlist-Combo
> which is filled with the names of all the parallel-ports
> 'lpt1','lpt2','lpt3' so the user can select a port.
> i hacked the targetselection.itb and added
>   set gdb_target(bdm,pretty-name) "bdm"
>   set gdb_target(bdm,defbaud) ""
>   set gdb_target(bdm,baud-rates) {}
>   set gdb_target(bdm,cmd) "bdm lpt1"
>   set gdb_target(bdm,runlist) {1 1 1 0}
>   set gdb_target(bdm,options) ""
>   set gdb_target(bdm,after_attaching) {}
> but that limits me to lpt1

As it is right now, there is no way to specify parallel ports -- only
serial. What you could do (and this would be a little hacky) is check
for the target in TargetSelection::change_dialog and if it is "bdm", add
the parallel ports to the port combo box. You'll need to edit a few
functions in targetselection.itb and something in interface.tcl, too, to
swap in the correct parallel ports. You'll be doing exactly what the
serial ports do -- so use that code as a guide.

Someone did this (for some other port) just last week. I encourage you
to look up the discussion.


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