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Re: Drop-downs in Insight for Linux

Schumacher, Gordon wrote:

This builds fine.  But, when I run it, drop-down boxes such as the one to
select the source file, or the source/asm selection, don't do anything.
They click - the "3-D" effect changes to show that something's happened -
but no drop-down list appears.

The host system is running SuSE 8.2 - this is kernel 2.4.20, with KDE 3.1.1.

Any thoughts? Is this a problem that anyone else is seeing?

Hey Gordon,

This is interesting, I had what sounds like exactly the same problem with Insight 5.1 under redHat Linux 8 and KDE. It turned out that the Insight TCL/TK scripts for the dropdown control is the problem - I corresponded with the author a few times and located the problem, but never found a fix. However, many other people on many other platforms have no problem, makes me think it's a problem with the KDE window manager.

Also I am using xwin32 on PC platform as my x client, that might have been a relevant factor as well.

You can test it by creating a tiny tcl/tk application that uses the dropdown - what actually happens is that the drop down list gets drawn behind the current window, thus it is there but invisible. you can click the dropdown then use up/down arrow and make a selection, but not see it.

If you are a tcl/tk hacker i can send the relevant info so you can explore if you want.



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