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Re: Adding new target in Targetselection.itb

> On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 04:38, wrote:
> >   set gdb_target(remote,pretty-name) "Remote/Serial"
> >   set gdb_target(remotetcp,pretty-name) "Remote/TCP"
> >   set gdb_target(remote,pretty-name) "Remote/Simuart_e1"

> > But the problem is that this overwrites the Remote serial option. This way 
> > just Simuart and TCP are displayed in the option box menu.

You've noticed by now that the target selection is a little primitive.
It really doesn't do an adequate job of identifying debug protocols (ARM
angel, gdb's remote protocol, etc) and tranports (tcp, serial).

What you have defined is a new transport layer. If you look carefully at
the code snippet above, you'll notice that you've overwritten the
database name of the remote protocol over a serial line. Both your
entries and the Remote/Serial entires use the database identifier
"remote". Notice how Remote/TCP uses "remotetcp". I think that if you
simply change the name from "remote" to "remotesimuart" or something,
you should get both.

If this doesn't work, I've a few other ideas about what might be causing
trouble, but let's start with the simplest for now.


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