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Re: Translators, yet once more (Re: PHP fork project- Guile vs Python vs ?)

"Khimenko Victor" <> writes:

> > Tracebacks aren't part of the language definition. (Exceptions are though,
> > but I'm planning to simulate those with continuations, and not rely on whatever mechanism guile develops for exceptions)
> Don't to it ! Continuations are REAL slow in guile and Python relies on
> exceptions quite heavily.

er, so what exactly are you leaving the guy with?

Scheme continuations are always presented as *the* way to emulate the
behaviour of all the other control facilities.  if you define Scheme
as a language that other languages are meant to be translated to, then 
well, Scheme with handicapped continuations _isn't_.

that said, being C-friendly doesn't necessarily dictate the current
Guile execution model and nothing else.  better things *are* possible, 
though they are not as bog-simple.

[ and all this assuming that translating into Scheme is a good idea,
  which I'm not at all sure of ]

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