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Re: PHP fork project- Guile vs Python vs ? writes:

> > So please use Guile, and translate the PHP language into Scheme.
> Well, and how? I have read the statements about translating
> other languages to scheme/guile several times now, as a matter
> of fact this is what initially attracted me to guile, but there
> seems to be no documentation whatsoever about how to do this.

I much as I hate to contradict the Official GNU Position, translating
other language into Scheme doesn't seem very practical to me, mostly
not even from technical but psychological reasons.

this is because, if you are accustomed to program in (say) PHP, the
perspective of having your code translated to Scheme is hardly of much 
value to you.

what is more important, IMHO, is to define a common lower-level
platform (a VM, if you will, but much higher level when a
stack-machine like the Java VM), to which various "high-level",
"symbolic" and "scripting" languages can be translated, and where you
can do cross-language function calling.

this is a proven approach, used in (at least) Poplog and Kawa.

I think we might have been better off with a slide rule.
                -- Zaphod Beeblebrox

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