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gumm ideas

ok, another lazy bastard trudges forward...


@item GUMM is a service.  Many hosts can provide GUMM.
Besides archive, some other services are qualification and history.
Qualification involves examining directory trees for standards conformance and
superficial characterization of the source.  All extracted info becomes part
of the package history.  History information can be shared by sites or ignored completely.

@item Hierarchy
Adopt two hierarchies.  Write elisp to modify `define-module' forms.  Hook in
a constraint solver to validate a hierarchy.  Hook everything into `load'.
Better idea: adopt a single hierarchy, go until someone yells.

@item Channels
Each channel maps to some combination of underlying transport protocols.
Channels are client-prioritized.  Look into gnutella.

@item Encrypt Everything
Perhaps a lesson in stupidity?  Hope not.  Would like to find opinions
surrounding this topic.

@item UI: Use IRC.
Get to survey and play w/ guile IRC clients!

@item Aesthetics
This kind of integration application should be very light.  Hopefully wc -l on
the source is less than 500.  Imported packages don't count, of course.

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