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*** Warning for backward incompatible change: scm_mutex_init


[ off topic, sorry ] for Jost

Re: [Emacs with Guile]

Re: [Glade with Guile Emacs]

Re: [gtk and threads]

[] Re: [PATCH] Re: startup speed (or lack thereof)

[PATCH] boot-9 loading

[PATCH] Re: startup speed (or lack thereof)

[PATCH] Re: strange behavior with guile -s

Re: [Re: [Emacs with Guile]]


`expect-strings' and `with-input-from-port'

Re: About modules

again: scm_internal_dynamic_wind

Announcing: The GOSSIP Simulation Environment

another (stupid?) module question

arbiters and smobs in general

arbiters still needed? warnings

Benchmarks for GUILE?

Benchmarks for Scheme/Guile and translation to Scheme

Better error messages...

Bouncing parens and select()

bug in eval.c (current CVS)

Bug with letrec???

Bugs in numbers.c (with patch)

call-with-dynamic-root and fluids

Casting to scm_bits_t

compile problem

conservative scanning and infinite streams

COOP threads now Linux threads safe + GTk threading library

Re: Crash in scm_boot_guile if stdin isn't open.

cross-compile: patch for

Cross-development with guile: simple patch

deeper constification

Does anybody have a list of required R5RS features?

Double-cells - *** warning

Dump float support?


Re: Emacs Scheme interface

Emacs with Guile

Re: Emacs with Guile [Swing]

exit without message

Extracting cell code to gc.h


Floating point benchmark?

fluids.c docs

GC and threads (was Re: generational GC)

GC performance now?


generational GC

gh_ interface for modules.

Re: gh_evalstr


gh_scm2newstr segfaults

Glade (Re: Emacs with Guile )

Glade with Guile Emacs

Re: Goops and the module system

GOOPS obj representation & arithmetic (Re: Dump float support?)

Re: goops/guile doc (was Re: Simple example program to illustrate Goops)

GOOPS: inherit method

gtk and threads

Guile API's (Re: About modules)

guile bugs?

Guile built-ins

Guile FAQ and FAQ-o-matic

Guile naming conventions

Guile tutorial available

guile-emacs-0.1 released

Re: guile/guile-core/libguile init.c

I've moved to SCO...

ice-9 slib

includes in _scm.h

inserting some Emacs-specific stuff into the source files

Keyword arguments

Re: kill, again

latest test-suite/tests/numbers.test

LPMUD, games, etc (Re: About modules)

Macros, SCM and strict typing (cont'd)

Macros, SCM and strict typing.

mime base64 revisited

Re: A module system should resolve, not introduce, name conflicts

more cvs guile stuff :)

My new job at Go2Net

Name change: SCMWORD --> scm_word_t

Names in libguile

New Boss

New Guile module: guile-gtkthreads

New version of new GC scheme

newbie scheme question

Re: none


patch to have "make check" invoke test-suite/guile-test

popen behavior - interactive processes

printing types ?

problem with current CVS: scm_validate.h is absent?

problem with guile-doc-snarf

Project list needs a new home/maintainer

Q: throw and catch

Question about ports

Questions bout CVS directory structure & web pages


Recluse 0.2

Regarding recent 2-word change

Regarding recent void * change

Removing scm_root_state


Scheme-based markup language

scheme-string to C





scm_cur_loadp in an error hander

scm_intern_obarray_soft broken?



SCM_NAMED_PROC gone from libguile/snarf.h



set comprehensions in Guile?

Signal Handling in Guile

Silent mdj


Some suggestions for guile

startup speed (or lack thereof)

Strange behavior in a catch with (and) and (or)

stupid question about pipes

swig supports "hobbit linkage"


terminal emulators (Re: Emacs with Guile)

test-guile script


Testcases for append! in greg style.

testsuite anomalies

Text mode access (Re: Emacs with Guile)

tie variable

Two simple benchmarks of double-cells + new GC scheme

Two unexpected test failures.

typedef void *

Use of SCM_CHARS in continuations.h

Using Cygwin Cross Tools

using goops classes from C

Re: values (Re: R5RS)

Various stuff

Viewing the output of a macro

void *

Re: we need information, please

Re: Why does the GC frees my function?

why is use-modules a macro?

Why two heap segments?


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