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Re: Is guile byte-code compiled?

>>>>> "Tanel" == Tanel Tammet <> writes:

Tanel> As an original author of Hobbit, I am of course interested in
Tanel> making Hobbit a standard tool for Guile. Obiously this means
Tanel> that Hobbit should be able to eat all the Guile
Tanel> scheme. However, I keep hearing that it does not. On the other
Tanel> hand, Hobbit does eat all the scm (report 4) scheme except
Tanel> certain complicated kinds of MACRO extensions to report 4.

The problem where I got stuck, involved promises. Hobbit uses a
different implementation of promises than guile, such that you cannot
mix guile promises and hobbit promises, which is bad when you are
compiling all parts of an application.

I think I have solved most of that problem, except I need to save the
enviroment when creating a promise. Here I hit another snag. There is
a macro in guile that will return the current environment but it is
defined as:

        (define the-environment (procedure->syntax (lambda (x e) e)))

which I do not know how to translate into C code. I then had to
abandon the problem, which undoubtedly has a rather simple
solution. But these SCM/Guile specific macros are a problem.

Other examples (but more in the annoyance department) involve stuff
like not recognizing define-public or define-macro forms, or logior
with more than two arguments.

Another need is better support for separate compilation, which
unfortunately can be a rather involved thing, but the ability to have
hobbit trace module dependencies to other modules so that one does
have to maintain special files with system macros would be a great
benefit. In large projects in just isn't possible to lump all sources
together in one big compilation due to the size of the resulting C file.

However, it most also be said that hobbit works great in many
situations, and while it has still some way to go wrt. guile it is
getting closer and Bernard Urban is doing a great job.

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