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Re: Direction

On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 09:00:39AM -0500, wrote:
> >>>>> "Klaus" == Klaus Schilling <> writes:
> > Python is much harder to learn than Scheme, due to the irregular
> > syntax.
>     This seems to largely be a mindset thing. Or, to put it another
>     way, there are people who think of code functionally and people
>     who don't.
>     I have an extremely intelligent friend who just doesn't grok
>     scheme or lisp. On the other hand, he will happily crank out perl
>     and python all day.
>     There must be something in some people's brains that keep them
>     from grasping the concepts of functional programming. This is the

i find this to be the case too.  i'm one of those who can crank out
perl code like no tomorrow, but i've been beating my head against a wall
for a long while now trying to get a handle on this whole functional
programming thing.  buying SICP really helped the process along though.

all i can say is, once i finally 'get it' it better be as cool as everyone
is making it out to be.  i'd hate to waste all this time and effort :-)

  Ray Lehtiniemi (