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Re: global variables & data tags (a la X-Windows callbacks)

 > From: Marius Vollmer <>
 > Date: Tue  May  4, 11:14pm
 > (Robert Brown) writes:
 > > Perhaps to avoid any lack-of-backward-compatibility, a new set of C
 > > functions could be devised?:
 > I'm fairly certain that your proposed functions can be implemented on
 > top of the existing stuff, using compiled closures, but I've never
 > done that.  Maybe I'll surprise you with some code tomorrow, but don't
 > count on it.
 > - Marius

Actually, I'm attempting to work around the problem via object-properties.
If this works, then my proposal will not be necessary.

(So far, though, it's become fairly messy.  As I was telling someone else,
I was hoping to "evolve" the code towards embedded-Scheme.  It would be
too much work to make everything "smob-able" given the size of the C
program and this proposed (I guess) emulation of closures in C would ease
the transition.  ("Smob-ification" would have been a lot easier if I could
have used SWIG, but apparently Guile support has been pulled.))

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