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Re: Direction

Clark McGrew <> writes:

> >>>>> "Greg" == Greg Badros <> writes:
>     Greg> This is the way Scwm uses Guile and makes it must easier for
>     Greg> embedding *as an extension language*.  Maciej's probably got
>     Greg> some ideas about how the Scwm approach could be moved into
>     Greg> the Guile core.
> Looking at the SCWM source it seems to depend on having main call a
> gh_enter that doesn't return.  I'm really thinking about adding guile
> to an application where I can't easily capture the main.

But you can always capture main in C code:

main -> renamed to new_main

introduce new main that calls gh_enter and returns control to new_main.

I think Maciej's patch for Guile may handle this more elegantly, but in
principle it shouldn't make a difference.