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Interested in GOOPS

Tijs van Bakel writes:
 > What does guile offer for object oriented programming already, and

What all r4rs Scheme implementations offer: closures and latent typing. 
From there it's not hard to step to objects and methods or generic 
functions, inheritance and the like, with syntax transforms it can even 
be made to look like smalltalk/eiffel/actor etc. style.
That's what all the scheme oo packages like yasos, bos, tinyclos, meroon,
mos, ... use. RScheme is oo to the core.

 > what is goops changing to that? Is it introducing a completely new
 > language, or just an extension ?

Just an extension. It makes it a lot easier to write in a close-to-
CLOS style without a lot of overhead.

Klaus Schilling