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Re: Direction

Let me try to be short.

On May 05, Clark McGrew decided to present us with:
>     Lalo> 1: generic extension library/interpreter....
> I'm dubious that this will work.  GUILE can never hope to be as good
> an implementation of Perl as Perl.  Most of the target languages have
> too many undocumented idiosyncrasy.

So what? We don't want to be as good a Perl as Perl. We want to
be a better embedded perl than Embedded Perl so people only have
to link to one library. That's the advertised goal hhangin on
Guile's home page. Of course it may be that this _isn't_ really
the goal of people currently working on it, and that's why I
came up with this thread to begin with.

>   3) An extension language based heavily on Scheme, but with
>      many powerful extentions.

Yet Another Extension Language? What's the point? Who says
people will switch? Who says people will care?

>     Lalo> Most people could care less for Scheme.

Let me reinforce this point.

>     Lalo> Scheme isn't easy to learn...
> That's true, but I think a more correct statement is "Programing isn't
> easy to learn".  Personally I found Scheme much easier to learn and
> use than Perl, and I've written far more Perl.  Even after using it
> for a long time, I still need the manual on the desk to weave my way
> through Perl's web of inconsistencies.  I find it such a nightmare
> that I dread starting new projects in Perl and I loath maintaining the
> once I work on.

Perl is scary. If you want to compare with Perl, compare on
power or popularity. If you want to compare on ease of learning,
try comparing with Python. And whoever says Scheme is as easy to
learn as Python needs a doctor.

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