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Re: Direction

 >On 04 May 1999 19:54:30 -0700, Greg Badros wrote:

>> Right now, it's really hard to add GUILE to existing applications
>> because GUILE really wants to be in control.  I'd really like to see
>> code to find the base of the stack added to GUILE so that the
>> init_guile routine returns to it's caller.  ie
>> main () {
>> <my stuff>
>> init_guile();
>> <more stuff>
>> gh_eval_str();
>> <more stuff>
>> }

> This is the way Scwm uses Guile and makes it must easier for embedding
> *as an extension language*.  Maciej's probably got some ideas about how
> the Scwm approach could be moved into the Guile core.

For what it's worth, this is precisely the way our group would
(conceivably) like to use Guile.  I am on this list trying to learn
more about Guile for a large free software project that desperately
needs a good extension language to tie up a bunch of loose ends. (see  What we need is a very
sophisticated expression evaluator to be replace a dumb evaluator that
is already in place, not a language that can itself be extended.

Guile (and the Ctax translator) appear to be what we need, but I'm
having a pretty hard time figuring out exactly how to use them.

If anyone has a simple example of an application that uses Guile as an
extension, I'd be grateful to see it.  Or a pointer to the scwm code
mentioned above.

Many thanks in advance,

-Tom Sgouros

Graduate School of Oceanography
University of Rhode Island
Narragansett, RI