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Re: Direction

Clark McGrew <> writes:

> >>>>> "Greg" == Greg Harvey <> writes:
>     Greg> The scheme core still needs a lot of work. The translators
>     Greg> still need work, or need to be written (and any issues they
>     Greg> require of the core need to be dealt with as they arise).
> I'm not actually doing the work, so take this for what it's worth (not
> a lot).
> Right now, it's really hard to add GUILE to existing applications
> because GUILE really wants to be in control.  I'd really like to see
> code to find the base of the stack added to GUILE so that the
> init_guile routine returns to it's caller.  ie
> main () {
>      <my stuff>
>      init_guile();
>      <more stuff>
>      gh_eval_str();
>      <more stuff>
> }

This is the way Scwm uses Guile and makes it must easier for embedding
*as an extension language*.  Maciej's probably got some ideas about how
the Scwm approach could be moved into the Guile core.

Greg B.