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Re: Thank you everybody (was: searching an explanation: call/ccand 'do' strangeness)

On Tue, 4 May 1999, Peder Chr. Norgaard wrote:

> Special thanks to Roland Kaufmann for the reference to Dorai Sitaram's
> Scheme tutorial, to Dorai Sitaram for writing the tutorial, and to Mikael
> Djurfeldt for actually writing a 200 line on-the-spot tutorial on the
> topic of call/cc to coroutines.  

Peter, would you be so kind to gather the information you got from the
list (including the example code pieces), make it into a little tutorial
and donate it to the guile/scheme community such that others will benefit
from it in the future?  Guile is in need of good documentation.

Dirk Herrmann