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Thank you everybody (was: searching an explanation: call/cc and 'do'strangeness)

I want to thank everybody who have taken time to answer my question about
the workings of call/cc.  I will not claim that my understanding of the
call/cc is complete, but it has definitely improved, and - what the heck -
my application works fine now!

The problem was understanding call/cc and using it with the correct
discipline.  Nobody will be surprised to hear that, I guess ... the
problem had nothing at all to do with the workings of 'do'; it was just
more visible when my original, sloppy use of call/cc was combined with a
'do' loop.

Special thanks to Roland Kaufmann for the reference to Dorai Sitaram's
Scheme tutorial, to Dorai Sitaram for writing the tutorial, and to Mikael
Djurfeldt for actually writing a 200 line on-the-spot tutorial on the
topic of call/cc to coroutines.  

happy scheming

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