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Re: Pliant

>>>>> Klaus Schilling writes:

 KS> Gordon Matzigkeit writes:
 >> I'm happy to say that there is now a GPLed next-generation,
 >> reflexive, syntax-independent language:

 KS> How much will that alter the development of GUSH?

I like Scheme better than Pliant's default syntax.  GUSH will remain
written in Guile, but I simply refuse to use SCM-based Guile: I want
to use a reflexive, Pliant-based Guile.

My first real Pliant application will be to embed it into GRUB, the
GRand Unified Bootloader.  Then, I intend to port more and more Gush
features to GRUB by building up layers of Guile on top of Pliant.

Pliant is my answer to libffi, G-Wrap, and RScheme.  I'm happy to find
a GPLed solution that incorporates all these things, making room for a
stable base for Guile, and eliminating the need for me to write any of
my future applications in C: I can use ``Pliant Guile''.

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