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Re: Pliant

Gordon Matzigkeit <> writes:

> >>>>> Ian Bicking writes:
>  IB> I guess I don't see what's more syntax-independent about Pliant
>  IB> than Scheme.  The Scheme syntax is almost identicle to a parse
>  IB> tree, the lowest common denominator of syntax.
> I'm not claiming that it's any more syntax-independent, only that it
> has a more advanced compiler/interpreter/type system.  It still lacks
> a GC (although a GC may be unnecessary, since Pliant has convenient
> refcounting).

Dewd, there is nothing convenient about ref counting.  I have been
working with ObjC which uses ref counting and the word for the day is
pain.  GC is a neccesity.

Craig Brozefsky        <>
Less matter, more form!      - Bruno Schulz