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Re: libguile and readline

>       The readline support could become a separate
>     module, which the user would explicitly request.
> I can see more than one possible meaning for that;
> could you please describe the proposal in different words?

Guile's Readline support will become a Guile module which, when
loaded, will dynamically link the Readline library into Guile.  Thus,
a program which wants to use readline must explicitly reference the
readline module in its code.

The problem with the old arrangement was that users could link
readline into their code without ever being aware of doing so.  There
was no juncture at which the licensing issues became apparent.

Under the new arrangement, programs that use the readline library will
have to be distributed under the GPL or a compatible license, since
they link (albiet dynamically) against readline.  When the programmer
places a reference to a GPL'd module in her code, we can reasonably
expect her to consider the licensing consequences of doing so then.
There is a clear juncture at which the question should arise, which is
what we want.