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$39 725 Search Engines

Re: %load-path when Guile sits in /usr.

..about your site

[ANN] gc revision 5

[ANN] guilegc r7

Re: [ANN] Quick & dirty guile docs

Re: [ANN] text buffers: really alpha release

[ANN]: qdocs update

Re: [ANN]: slimmed down boot-9, revision 1

[ANN]: tbuffers version 0.1

[ANN]: text buffers, very-nearly-alpha release

[ANNOUNCE] SRFI --- A new approach to portable Scheme code

Re: About the guile module system

Ad: FREE Equipment Buyers Guide and More..

ANN: gc r2

Re: Announce: guile-dblib-0.9 available (beta software)

Re: Anonymous C procedures in Guile

Re: Another new gc

Another new gc, r1 :)

Re: another newbie question

Are you ready?

Re: AVAIL: guile case-sensitivty patch

c/cc in signal handlers

Re: calling scheme function from C

Re: Case sensitivity: a difference between Scheme and R5RS.

Re: Case-sensitivity.

Re: curses

Re: CVS and configure

Re: CVS Updates

die grinders

Re: Dramatic speed drop-off bug, part 2

Re: embedding question: defining symbols?

Extending Guile

Re: gc and alloca()

GC Hooks and a proposal (WAS Re: Marking smobs for GC)

Re: gh_ conversion between C strings and Scheme objects


Re: gh_scm2doubles and friends

Give yourself a Rai$e...without asking your BOSS

Re: Guile scripting host?

Re: guile-1.3 and scwm

guile-gtk-0.13 released.

guile-gtk-0.14 released

Re: gush

Help reqd. with port type

Re: hobbit and new versions of libtool

Re: How to use scm_internal_catch?

Re: ice-9

ILU 2.0alpha14 available -- CORBA for Guile

Immediate Buy Alert!

Re: In the search of heap enlightenment...

ioext.c patch for fseek and ftell

Re: land* for guile

Re: Mailing List... where are you?

Make $1,000 per Order From Home

Re: Marking smobs for GC


Modules, guile factorization, initial environment (Re: O-O in guile)

Re: More GUILE for LilyPond

Re: non-hobbitable code

O-O in guile (Re: Suggestion: New Guile mailing list)

Oops, qdocs update

Patch to add `getutent' functions; please try it!

PATCH: ports.c and fports.c

Re: Please e-mail back

Protecting namespaces

Re: Question about proper use of `~/.guile' and `use-modules'

Re: readline and guile


Re: required and optional argument patterns


Re: scwm 0.9

Re: separating user interfaces

Re: slib's random number generator is broken

Something wrong? [fwd: Protecting namespaces]

sort functions in tomorrows snapshot

Re: stable sorting

Re: Suggestion: New Guile mailing list


Re: text buffers


Re: Translators to guile

Weekly Checks In Your Mailbox..

Re: what does 'thunk' mean?

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