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Re: gh_scm2doubles and friends

Jim Blandy <> writes:

> Does this sound appropriate?

I like this.  But I have developed a habit lately: whenever I see a
pair of create/free functions I immediatly lobby for adding reference
counting (at least) to the interface.  Sooner or later you need to get
serious about resource management among not-closely cooperating code
and refcounting is the least intrusive step to take, I think.  This
refcounting could be added on top of the gh_lease functions, but I
think it is better to provide it right from the start so that everyone
knows how to coordinate with other code.

So, what about adding gh_ref_lease and replacing gh_free_lease with
gh_unref_lease?  Or, for extra sillines, naming the functions
gh_inclease and gh_declease?

- Marius

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