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Re: setf.scm

>>>>> "Per" == Per Bothner <> writes:

Per> In earlier discussions on this topic, we talked about a generalized
Per> set! form.  Now, suddenly everyone is talking about setf!.  Why
Per> this sudden poorly-motivated name-change?

I am afraid this is my doing.

My motivation for suggesting this to Mikael (in the course of porting
STk's tiny-clos implementation) was that I had a bad feeling about
extending a standard form in a non-compatible way. If we must extend
guile, then lets us leave the R4RS parts as they are, I thought, with
the feeling that it is easier for somebody moving code out of guile to
write a fresh new macro rather than having to go through the hoops to
redefine an existing one.

Perhaps this is just me working in paranoia mode again. STk also
extends set!.

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